InErPharm at Tsinghua University (Beijing)

18-25 November, Beijing, China. The Tsinghua Science park hosted the First International forum for collaboration of Russian and Chinese enterprises in high-tech and innovation sphere, called “Innovation and cooperation”. Forum was organized by the Tsinghua (Beijing, Chinese People’s Republic) and MSU (Moscow State University) Science park. The Forum brought together representatives of Russian and Chinese…


Our product

InErPharm produces the device called CytoDel. CytoDel performs the following procedure: first it takes the necessary volume of a patient’s blood automatically through a catheter, and then separates out red blood cells. The next step is to deliver cytostatic material (another substance) into this group of cells. Later on, medicines are delivered into erythrocytes in…


Board of Directors and Advisors

Head of Science Fazoil Inoyatovich Ataullakhanov Professional preparation Ph.D., Dr.Biol.Sci. Head of Laboratory of Physical Biochemistry, National Research Center for Hematology Professor of Moscow State University Head of Laboratory of Metabolic Modeling and Bioinformatics, Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics Director of the Center for Theoretical Problems of Physics and-Chemical Pharmacology Date of birth 23 April 1946…



Pharmakocyte is an erythrocyte with drugs inside.

If chemotherapeutic medicines are administered not by standard intravenous injection directly to the body, but instead are first delivered to the patient’s autologous red blood cells outside the body, and then injected into the circulatory system inside the autologous erythrocytes, then there would be less side effects.

Erythrocytes are an ideal delivery system for medicine as they gradually release a dose throughout the circulatory system. The patient is thus spared the jolt of a sudden, high dose of toxic medicine, which can damage blood vessels and heart tissues. The improved process diminishes spikes in dosage as well as the number of injections, and as a result, this kind of treatment has a lower toxicity than the widely used chemotherapeutic procedure of intravenous injection.


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